Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faux Real?

Obama shed tears for the children of Sandy Hook?  Fo' real?  Listen, I am not an inveterate Obama-basher.  The guy has many sterling qualities, and I'd probably like him as President a lot more if so many of his self-congratulating supporters were not so repellent.  But let's face facts- Obama is one cold fish.  He was not at his mother's bedside when she succumbed prematurely to cancer.  He did not bother attending his grandmother's funeral either.  This is a product of both his high-intelligence as well as his racial-identity issues.  If this blog is about anything it's about the raising of men; so I perfectly understand how emasculating it must have seemed to the teen-aged Obama to be constantly on egg-shells in front of nervous, well-meaning white people, and that rather than embrace the persona of a nice, nonthreatening mulatto kid, he chose instead to be a proud, possibly dangerous, black man.  I get that, as well as the need to throw his white family under the bus in pursuit of such self-respect.

The question, therefore, is why someone with such baggage would get so torn up over the deaths of a bunch of white kids.  And not just white kids, but WHITE kids.  Their hair colors were a far-Northern blend of many fruits- lemon and strawberry and several combinations in between- tangello and sh!t.  Let's face it- these children were F-ing beautiful, non angli, sed angeli and all that.  My theory is that Obama was moved not by the deaths of these children in-and-of themselves, but at the sublimity of someone like himself being moved by the death of children like these.  Meaning, these were meta-tears.  Or, to quote Kundera:
Kitsch causes two tears to flow in quick succession.  The first tear says: How nice to see [in a painting] children running on the grass. The second tear says: How nice to be moved, together with all mankind, by children running on the grass!
 Or, to quote Peter Gabriel: "I love to be loved" / [I am enraptured at my own rapture].

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