Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I wouldn't say Lucy is a neatness freak, buuuuuuuuuuut- she makes Kate Goslin look about as mellow as "The Dude". Still, there are advantages to having such a details-oriented mistress on-premise. Case-in-point: my new-found awareness of battery rot.

Once a wife and kids arrive on the scene, you will quickly find yourself running an electronics Underground Railroad.  Many perfectly functional, even high-quality, pieces of audio and video equipment will go into hiding in the garage because they do not match her decor preferences or are a safety risk to small children.  The audiophile community even has its own term for this.  So anyway, at some point you will have a stash of electronics equipment in the garage, fearfully huddling in anticipation of the day they will be readmitted into polite society.  Their rehabilitation is inevitable because:
  • baby will become too big to be crushed to death by tower speakers
  • as you drift apart as a couple, you inevitably cede control of whole areas of the house to the other partner, no longer caring what goes on/into those rooms or whether they match the overall style of the home
So don't throw away that audiophile-quality receiver just yet!  But before stashing it away in that damp garage, make sure to take the batteries out:

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